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Griffin Theatre Youth Board

What it takes to become a member

Members: Must be age 12 by June of the year of nomination. Must be no older than 20 when applying. The board will contain no more than 16 members-including the officers.

Terms: Terms are 2 years. You may reapply when your term is up until you are no longer eligible due to age

Meetings: The Youth Board will meet quarterly at a minimum. Meetings need to be scheduled through the Griffin Executive Director for scheduling purposes.

Officers and their responsibilities:

President: The President is responsible for presiding over the meetings. The President will be responsible for tracking and monitoring the board members volunteer commitments.

Vice President: The Vice President is responsible for presiding over the meeting in the absence of the President. The Vice President is responsible for planning 2-3 youth bonding activities per calendar year.

Finance Director: The Finance Director is responsible for maintaining and monitoring all budgets for youth board activities. They oversee the fundraisers and make sure budgets get approved by the Griffin Board of Directors.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for keeping meeting notes from each meeting and distributing them. The Secretary is responsible for accepting applications for new Youth Board Members by the deadline supplied.

Marketing: The Marketing Chair will be responsible for the marketing of all Youth Board events and activities. The marketing chair is also responsible for heading up 1 community give back project each calendar year.

Board Responsibilities:

  1. The Youth Board is responsible for submitting suggestions to the Board of Directors for it’s upcoming Fantasy Series, Summer Camps, Classes, and Workshops by April 31st.
  2. The Youth Board is responsible for 2 fundraisers each calendar year. One of the fundraisers is to be the Broadway Bear fundraiser that will be held online.
  3. The Youth Board is responsible for 2-3 youth bonding activities every calendar year.
  4. The Youth Board is required to complete 6 hours of volunteer time for the Griffin Theatre each month. This can include being in a show/cabaret.
  5. The Youth Board is required to work on 1 production that they are not in per term year (June-May). They may work in the capacity of stage crew, costuming, makeup, set building or painting, props, or marketing.
  6. The Youth Board is required to participate in 1 Griffin Theatre fundraiser organized by the Board of Directors outside of the 2 Youth Board fundraisers. These could include restaurant fundraisers, raffles, etc.
  7. Youth Board members are required to attend The Griffin Theatre Board of Directors Annual Meeting that will be held in December. (Special permission may be given from the board to miss this for things such as school concerts, illness, etc)
  8. The Youth Board will be responsible for nominating one member of the Youth Board or Youth Board Committees to receive an award at our Griffy awards for outstanding service.
  9. The Youth Board is responsible for planning 1 community give back activity per calendar year.
  10. Oversight of the Youth Board will be done by the Board of Directors of the Griffin Theatre. A member of the board of directors is required to attend each youth board meeting. The officers of the the youth board will be mentored by their counterpart on the Griffin Board of Directors.
  11. Votes will be carried by the majority of the members attending the meeting.
  12. The Youth Board must attend all Youth Board meetings unless expressly permitted not to attend by the Griffin Theatre Board President.

What members will do:

Youth Bonding Activities—This can include lock in, bowling, movie, or other fun activities outside or regular, Griffin Theatre activities.

Fundraisers—One must be the Broadway Bear fundraiser.  Other fundraisers can include t-shirts, car wash, item sales, special video messages, etc.

Board Member Applications—Collecting, filing, and presenting them to the board of directors for approval.

Marketing—Work with Griffin Theatre Marketing team in developing and implementing a plan to market the Youth Board and their activities.

Community Give Back projects—These can include free readings at libraries, toys for tots, volunteering at the food bank, new book collections, etc.

Budget and Finances: You will be supplied a budget for the Broadway Bears fundraisers, and will work with the Fundraiser chair on the BOD to develop any other budgets.   

Fund requests for activities: Any fund requests should be submitted to the BOD at least 2 weeks before you will need the funds and what they will be used for.

Funds raised: 25% of funds raised AFTER EXPENSES will go directly into a youth board fund for activities and events. The other 75% will go towards the Griffin Theatre general fund.

Join the Griffin Theatre Youth Board!

Mission: To further enhance and support the Griffin Theatre by creating an active and involved youth community. (Ages 12-20)