Camp & Class Policies

Take a moment to review our policies

1. Camp hours are 9:00am-3:00pm. Drop off can begin at 8:45am. Pick up must take place by 3:15pm.

2. CAMP ATTIRE: Please wear sneakers and comfortable clothes that you can move in. NO FLIP FLOPS OR OPEN TOE SHOES PLEASE!!!! This is a safety concern and the campers cannot dance, etc. in flip flops. Also no skirts, dresses, midriff tops, or offensive language/graphics.

3. On the first morning of sign in we will need each child to pick up a name tag that they will turn in at the end of each camp day to help everyone learn each others names.

4. Each camper should provide their own lunch, drinks, and snacks. PLEASE make sure your child’s lunch bag has their name on it!

5. Sign in and sign out – each morning we ask that you walk your camper inside and sign them in. Each afternoon we ask that you walk inside to pick them up and sign them out. If they have been given anything to take home that day, that is when we will give it to them. We will not allow any child to exit the building without being signed out. If you have a child that walks or drives themselves to and from camp please make sure we have a note with permission for them to leave turned in on the first day of camp.

6. Auditions for particular roles will be held on the first day of camp. We ask that each camper come ready to sing a piece of a song that they know. Broadway music is preferred but it can be as simple as happy birthday. They will be learning some choreography in the morning. They will sing in the morning of the first day for the Director, Asst. Director and Music Director. They will be sent home the first day with a copy of the music for the show and may have been asked to learn a particular song for a ‘callback audition.’ On Tuesday they may be doing a ‘callback audition’ for the director and music director. Nothing hard. Just fun and to get them used to the audition and callback process.

7. We do not offer before and after care (Campers can be dropped off no earlier than 8:45 in the morning and must be picked up no later than 3:15 in the afternoon). Anything else will be considered before and after care and you will be charged for the day – $5 per child per 15 minutes is due to the person that has been left in charge of your child. All camp t-shirts will be held until all monies due have been paid.

8. PLEASE NOTE–We WILL be asking you to supply certain items for your child’s costume. These could include things such as black pants, jazz shoes, wig caps, tights, etc. We will send a letter and an email home with this information. Please let us know when we send this letter home if this presents a problem for any reason

9. We will be sending out a sign up for parents to help at the shows to help with concessions, ticket taking, squishes for wishes, etc. for each show. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

10. Call time on show days will be 1 hour-1.5 hours before show time. On Friday night call is at 6:30PM and on Saturday call is at 1:00PM. For shows with character makeup call may be earlier.

11. We will be having the show videotaped and will be sending home order forms for this.

12. We do ask that everyone stay after the Saturday performance to help with the clean up of our costumes and dressing rooms. The staff will handle set, props and all other areas that have been used. Another camp comes in on Monday so we need the areas clean. Camp t-shirts will be handed out AFTER costumes have been checked in.

13. In case of an emergency during the day (or to let us know that you will be late, are sick etc.) where you need to get ahold of the camp staff or a camper please call 302-202-8440. Any other concerns or questions can be addressed by email at

14. SUMMER CAMP REFUND POLICY A refund will be awarded if there is at least one month’s notice. There will be a $50.00 processing fee. There will be no refund if the program has begun unless there is a medical reason. Any inquiries can be directed to

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Griffin Theatre (hereinafter referred to as Theatre), its Employees, Agents, Officers, Board Members, Volunteers or any other person against loss or expense, including attorney fees, due to any bodily injury, personal injury or property damage which may result from any and all activities while participating in classes or any other activity sponsored by or conducted by Theatre, or while visiting any facilities owned by, leased by, or controlled by Theatre.

Theatre guarantees that all equipment and facilities are in good repair and are appropriate for the purposes to which they will be put, and personnel are appropriately trained and screened.

It is understood and agreed that this Release of All Liabilities shall remain in force for not more than one year from the date of this Release. The release is recorded through a computer system, along with the date of agreement.

Payment And Refund Policy

• Full tuition is due at the time of registration.
• If the program is cancelled by The Griffin Theatre: Full Refund.
• Withdrawals up to 2 weeks before the start of the program: Full refund, less $25.
• Withdrawals within 2 weeks before the start of the program: No refund or credit.

Dropping Off & Picking Up

Parents, please be aware that you must sign your children in and out of camp each day. This is for their safety. If a camper is picked up but not signed out we can only assume the child is missing. Please avoid unnecessary panic by signing your child in and out every day. There is no supervision provided for campers before the official start time of camp. Please do not leave your child at the camp site before the start time. Children need to be picked up on time from camp, as supervision is not available after camp ends.
Parents of students of teens may give us a permission slip which will allow their student to sign themselves in and out all camp days or individual days at the parent’s discretion.

Code Of Conduct

We at The Griffin Theatre value each and every individual. In order to create an environment where each student has the freedom to grow both as a performer and as an individual, we do not tolerate the following:
Fighting with another student, staff, volunteer, or parent
Not listening to a staff member in regards to anything that could affect someone’s safety physically or emotionally.
• Destruction or theft of any property or materials
• Disrespect towards oneself or others
• Use of inappropriate language and/or innuendo
Racial or sexual harassment (including inappropriate physical contact)
Bullying of any kind (including verbal, non verbal and social media).

Not following this code of conduct can result in suspension from the program. At the camp director’s discretion campers that fail to follow the guidelines or pose a threat to others during a session may be asked to leave the program for the remainder of the session.