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Join The Griffin Theatre Committees

We are looking for an awesome and enthusiastic group of people to help us get things done! We are looking for volunteers who wish to be a part of our committees to help with the day to day items of the Griffin Theatre.  As part of the committee you would be attending a monthly meeting as well as assist with a team of people to accomplish goals set forth by the committee.  Please, click on a committee or committees that you would be interested in being a part of!

Fundraising Committee

This committee will put the “Fun” in Fundraising!  The committee will come up with ideas, organize and ensure staff for all organizational fundraisers.
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Donors and Sponsors Committee

This committee is responsible for all of our interactions with our donors and sponsors!  The committee shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of donors and sponsors and of funds transmitted to the organization as well as writing thank you notes, reports, setting up special events and any other in relation to our donors and sponsors.
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Volunteer/Customer Service/Hospitality

This committee makes everything happen!  The committee will focus on accumulating, training, and retaining volunteers for the organization.  The committee will also focus on ensuring our volunteers are trained to handle all aspects of our customer service including Front of House (in coordination with House Management committee), email, Facebook, in person, and phone interactions.  This committee shall also be responsible for opening night receptions, our annual volunteer dinner, and other fun events.
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Marketing Committee

This committee lets everyone know what is going on at the theatre! Releases will include press releases, online calendar updates, email blasts, Facebook, the website, Instagram and any other publicity that will be made available to the public.  The committee shall also be responsible for preparation of the program for each theatrical production including design, printing, and the solicitation of advertising contributors to support the cost thereof.
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House Management Committee

This committee serves as custodian of the theatre and associated facilities and shall be responsible for its maintenance and appearance.   They will also be responsible for getting volunteers for the front of house, setup and takedown of box office, concessions, retail, and seating areas, and making sure Front of House and inventory reports are submitted.
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