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Audition FAQs

Audition FAQs

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Preparing for Audition Night

Who may audition?

Anyone is free to audition. Each show has ages that are specific to the characters in that show, so please, look at a show to make sure it is appropriate for you to audition for.

When and where are auditions?

Auditions are held at The Griffin Theatre. This is currently located at the Commodore McDonough School  at 1701 South Dupont Highway, St. Georges, DE 19733. Please, check the audition information for where you will need to report for auditions. Audition dates are posted on Facebook and our website and are updated frequently.

What do I need to bring to an audition?

If you are auditioning for a musical it is required that you bring 16-32 bars of music in a similar style to the show you are auditioning for. You must bring your own sheet music, marked with a start and stop point, in the appropriate key. If an accompanist is not available, you will be asked to sing acapella. You may also bring an accompaniment track on a phone or CD provided you have the right connection for your phone.

If you are auditioning for a play, you will need a 2 minute memorized monologue in the style of the play you are auditioning for.

You will also need to bring a calendar with all of your conflicts to be listed on the audition sheet. Conflicts are not accepted after a role has been offered, so please, bring them all at the time of the audition.

Headshots and resume’s are accepted but not required.

Please, check the audition notice for specific audition requirements.

How should I bring my music?

The best way to bring your music is in a binder. Books tend to close while the accompanist plays, and taped or loose sheets can fall off the music stand. Also, please make sure you clearly mark where you want to begin and end your selection on the sheet music.

Headshots and resume’s are accepted but not required.

Please, check the audition notice for specific audition requirements.

Do we need to attend both nights of auditions?

You only need to attend one night of auditions.

Do I need an appointment?

Auditions are done on a first come, first serve basis. You will sign in, fill out your paperwork, and wait to be called in.

I can’t make the scheduled audition time, can I set up another time to audition?

Yes, you may email Mary Everett at artistic.director@griffintheatre.org , to arrange another time, prior to the scheduled auditions. Keep in mind that if you cannot come to callbacks it may put you at a disadvantage. It is best to come to scheduled auditions if you can, but we will work to accommodate actors who call for an alternate date.

No Experience? That's OK!

I have no previous experience, can I still audition?


What if I don’t have much experience dancing?

Learn with the others and then present with confidence what you’ve picked up. Remember that it is part of the rehearsal process to teach you what you need to know. We’re looking for people who are interested in learning as well as those who already have experience.

I don’t think I can sing are there any roles for me in a musical?

Sometimes there are non-singing roles in a musical. Those roles are usually identified in the audition notices. If you have misgivings about auditioning, you can come and watch auditions at any time

Audition Night

When do I sign in?

The sign in location will be listed in the audition notice and marked on the outside of the appropriate building. Sign in will begin no more than 30 minutes prior to the audition start time. EX: If the audition begins at 7:00 sign in may begin at 6:30.

How should I dress?

Dress in a professional manner for the part you are auditioning for. Do not dress in costume, flip flops, torn jeans, or sweat pants.

Who does the casting and what are they looking for?

Casting is done by committee generally including the producer, director, music director (if applicable) and choreographer (if applicable).  Director’s are looking to cast the best possible show.  Please, just bring your best-we want you to have fun and do your best.

What is a callback?

A call back is an invitation for a second audition. This may be for specific parts or for dancing. A callback means the director wants to see how you do in a specific role as well as how you may fit in the cast overall. If you do not receive a callback, it does not mean that you will not be cast. It just means the director does not need to see you in a second audition.

Will I be required to dance?

If you are, it will be stated in the audition notice on the website and Facebook.

How long do auditions last?

Audition length depends on how many people are signed up and what the casting committee asks you to perform. Generally you are called back in small groups and the actual audition time lasts between 10-15 minutes. Waiting times may be longer based on the amount of people who are auditioning.

Do parents need to attend the auditions with their child?

Auditions are closed to people who are not auditioning. However, parents are required to fill out the paperwork for anyone under the age of 16. Parents may wait for their child in the holding room.

Where are auditions?

Commodore Macdonnough School,
1701 South DuPont Highway,
St. Georges, DE 19733

How else can I get involved?

Each show uses nearly 100 volunteers backstage (set construction, costumes, lights, sound, etc.) and front-of-house (usher, etc.). Information on volunteering backstage is available online or by contacting info@griffintheatre.org. Information on front-of-house volunteer needs are available online or by contacting info@griffintheatre.org


Are roles precast?

No. If a role is ever precast if will be listed on the audition notice. If it states that all roles are open that is indeed what it means.

When will I know who is cast?

Cast lists are posted on the Griffin Facebook page typically 4 weeks following auditions.

I was not cast, can I get feedback from the director as to why?

Due to time constraints, directors are unable to provide feedback. We always recommend that you come back for the next audition. On occasion a director may let you know in the email that they are willing to offer feedback – in this cases you are welcome to ask.

When will I hear back about casting?

Dates will be posted on a board at the audition call as to when you will be notified. All auditioners will be contacted as to whether they have been cast or not. All notifications are done by email only.

My child was cast in a show can I watch rehearsals?

Just as with classes, part of our process is to teach independence and to foster that skill. Rehearsals are closed to anyone not in the cast or on the crew.

If I am cast in a small role do I have to be at all the performances?

Yes. All cast members, regardless of role, are required to be at all performances. If an actor is unable to be at all scheduled performances and dress rehearsals, we ask that they not audition.

What should I tell my my child if they are not cast?

It is always difficult to see your child disappointed. The best tact is to listen and to encourage him or her to try again


If I am cast in a show what time commitment is required?

Rehearsals are typically 3 hours, 4-7 days a week, for 6-8 weeks prior to the show opening. Saturday rehearsals can run 4-6 hours with a break in the middle. Shows run 2-4 weeks

When do plays rehearse?

It depends on the show, the director, and the cast availability. Cabarets tend to rehearse 1 or 2 times a week. MainStage and Fantasy series shows may rehearse anywhere from 2-6 days a week depending on the week and the proximity of opening night.

Will I have to give up my holidays and weekends?

We avoid major holidays, but there may be a rehearsal on certain holidays.

How many rehearsal conflicts can I have?

It varies. We try to accommodate a reasonable number of conflicts, but excessive conflicts can be a factor in the casting process. Conflicts are not allowed for tech/dress rehearsals, brush up rehearsals, and performances