In the summer of 2018, Liam’s mom on a whim enrolled him in the Griffin’s very first summer camp session.  She hoped the experience might help her son develop self confidence and help him overcome a fear of public speaking. Three weeks later, at his first performance, the change was dramatic.  Liam had found not only the confidence he had been lacking, but a passion for performance and a love of the arts.

Since that first show, Liam has gone on to perform in a second camp, and six regular season shows and cabarets.  He is enrolled in voice lessons and dreams of a career in the arts. The self confidence he has developed from his stage experiences has carried over to every aspect of his life.  His teachers share how he has risen to become a leader in his class, inspiring others by bringing his passion for acting to classroom activities.  Liam has forged wonderful friendships at the Griffin Theatre, and the actors and directors have become his second family. He was recently able to travel to NYC with his theatre crew and see his first Broadway performance, and even met one of his favorite actors after the show!

According to Liam’s mom, Liz, her son no longer plays video games, but instead uses his free time to write stories and listen to show tunes.  According to Liz, ” Liam has become so creative. The theatre inspires and motivates him.  Liam has had several health challenges, and dealing with those challenges can really bring him down.  But the Griffin helps him overcome those challenges, and brings so much joy and excitement to his life.  The theatre has truly transformed his life and we are so grateful!”

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